A Record of Success


In his first term in the State Assembly, David was able to sponsor and pass in the Assembly thirteen bills, nine of which also passed the State Senate. More importantly, these pieces of legislation stand for principles like open government (enhancing the Freedom of Information Law), closing loopholes (that allowed attorneys convicted of drunk driving avoid reporting their crimes to disciplinary authorities), and improving our public utilities (by forcing the Public Service Commission to more properly handle customer and local government complaints).

In The News

  • David Buchwald: “Stop Funding Corrupt Officials”

  • June 9th, 2014
  • Assemblyman David Buchwald published an op-ed in City & State on the need for public ethics reform, and in particular a crucial change to our State Constitution. He begins, “It is time for New York State to take public corruption seriously. … Unfortunately, an aspect of the legal landscape undermines public confidence in state government…”

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