Making Albany Work For Us

I’m pushing for ethics reform in Albany so that corrupt officials no longer benefit from taxpayer-funded pensions. I have a record of doing what I believe is right regardless of whether it was politically convenient or easy. That is why I am the lead sponsor in the Assembly of a state constitutional amendment (bill A. 377A) to strip public officials of their state pensions when they are convicted of a felony involving a violation of the public trust. Yet, there is more work to be done. And I won’t let up. I am constantly seeking ways to improve services and make government more efficient. I always put my constituents first.I pledge to:

  • Strip pensions from corrupt officials – We have to toughen the penalties for unethical behavior. I’ve authored legislation to strip pensions from public officials convicted of corruption because improving state ethics laws is a top priority. I introduced the bill in May 2013; it achieved 40 co-sponsors by the end of 2013; and then there were 60 Assembly members on board by the time I held a press conference with my colleagues to promote the bill in March 2014. Today there are over 90 Assembly members signed on as sponsors of the bill, and the bill has passed the Assembly’s Governmental Operations Committee. Want to learn more and support our efforts? Click here.
  • Enact Campaign Finance Reform – I’ll fight to make effective campaign finance reform a reality here in New York State. We need to reduce contribution limits, close loopholes and improve disclosure to make sure no one has undue influence on our elections.
  • Root out fraud and abuse – Whether it’s stopping unscrupulous contractors, preventing Medicaid fraud, or holding government projects to account when they go over budget, I’ll be sure we’re spending our money wisely.
  • Make government more efficient – I support innovative ways to consolidate services and do more with less, saving money for state government, local government and school districts and making government work better for us.