Making Albany Work For Us

I successfully pushed for ethics reform in Albany so that corrupt officials no longer benefit from taxpayer-funded pensions. I have a record of doing what I believe is right regardless of whether it was politically convenient or easy. That is why I was the lead sponsor in the Assembly of a state constitutional amendment to strip public officials of their state pensions when they are convicted of a felony involving a violation of the public trust. On November 7, 2017, this effort came to a culmination, when New York State voters overwhelmingly approved my pension forfeiture amendment to the state constitution. Yet, there is more work to be done. And I won’t let up. I am constantly seeking ways to improve services and make government more efficient. I always put my constituents first. I pledge to:

    • Prevent government contractors from using campaign contributions to fleece New York taxpayers – I am the sponsor of legislation to ban those seeking government contracts from making campaign contributions to public officials with authority over those contracts.
    • Enact campaign finance reforms – I’ll fight to make effective campaign finance reform a reality here in New York State. We need to reduce contribution limits, close loopholes and improve disclosure to make sure no one has undue influence on our elections.
    • Root out fraud and abuse – Whether it’s stopping unscrupulous contractors, preventing Medicaid fraud, or holding government projects to account when they go over budget, I’ll be sure we’re spending our money wisely.
    • Make government more efficient – I support innovative ways to consolidate services and do more with less, saving money for state government, local government and school districts and making government work better for us.