Creating Jobs

I’ll fight to create good middle class jobs here in Westchester. Communities across our district are poised to become centers of job creation and I am a strong advocate for innovative economic development. I worked as an economic analyst, and I know what it takes to grow the economy. Governor Cuomo has been leading the way to make sure New York is “open for business,” and my plan is to work with the Governor to:

    • Boost downtown economies – As Assemblyman, I’m working with business districts and chambers of commerce in towns across the district to make sure all our main streets can flourish. I’m committed to all our downtowns and making them more attractive to businesses; I even put my district office in downtown Mount Kisco.


    • Invest in our infrastructure – Investing in our roads, bridges, schools, and mass transit infrastructure will create jobs now and is crucial to ensuring the economic health of our region. Our economy could use a lift, and prudent investments in our future can help put people back to work and make us more competitive in the long run. And now, perhaps more than ever, Westchester residents are demanding a reliable electrical infrastructure instead of the extended power outages that have plagued our area.


    • Improve regional mass transit – Westchester County already has a strong mass transit network, but we need to improve that system and ensure the safety of passengers. That’ll benefit small businesses – and will be good for the environment as well. As the former chairman of the Metro-North Railroad Commuter Council, I’ve been looking out for the region’s transportation needs for years and will continue to lead that fight.


    • Bring Taxes Down – We need to make sure that families can afford to live in Westchester County and that businesses can thrive here. In Albany, I’ve worked to increase state support so that our local governments and school districts can keep property taxes down and will continue to work to save taxpayers money by finding ways to consolidate services and make government more efficient.


    • Repeal the MTA Payroll Tax – The MTA Payroll Tax undermines public support for Metro-North. Our transit network is an economic engine for all of New York State, and we need to find ways to fund it without inhibiting economic growth. Metro-North riders already pay a greater percentage of the cost of providing service than in any major commuter rail system in the nation.


  • Passed a minimum wage increase – Costs for all families are rising, but before I came to office the minimum wage hadn’t been raised since 2005. We need to make sure that people who work hard to support their families can do so. Increasing the minimum wage was the right thing to do for working people across New York.