Creating Jobs

I’ll fight to create good middle class jobs here in Westchester. Communities across our district are poised to become centers of job creation and I am a strong advocate for innovative economic development. I worked as an economic analyst, and I know what it takes to grow the economy. Governor Cuomo has been leading the way to make sure New York is “open for business,” and my plan is to work with the Governor to do so.

Representing Westchester Values

I’ll fight for our values. Here in Westchester, we have a proud, bipartisan tradition of defending the environment, a woman’s right to choose, and equal rights for all our citizens and I’ll continue to defend them.

Making Albany Work for Us

I’m pushing for ethics reform in Albany so that corrupt officials no longer benefit from taxpayer-funded pensions. I have a record of doing what I believe is right regardless of whether it was politically convenient or easy. That is why I am the lead sponsor in the Assembly of a state constitutional amendment (bill A. 7173) to strip public officials of their state pensions when they are convicted of a felony involving a violation of the public trust. Yet, there is more work to be done. And I won’t let up. I am constantly seeking ways to improve services and make government more efficient. I always put my constituents first.